3. Get them cool/proper gear


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Lookin' rad. Photo: Helen Green
Lookin’ rad. Photo: Helen Green

Firstly, if your kid looks like a dork, it reflects badly on you.

Secondly (and only slightly less importantly), it doesn’t matter how warm and dry you are, if your kids are cold and wet. Push crack at the school gates, steal from charity collection boxes in old people’s homes… just do whatever it takes to get the money together to buy your kids decent gear.

Having seen my groms go bat-shit crazy because of cold hands (and thereby halting a day’s riding at 10.30am) I soon realised that maybe I should have spent more than £2.99 on their gloves.

The same goes for hardware. Having a board that is the right size, boots that fit and bindings that are easily on-offable will make a massive difference to your progeny’s progression and enjoyment.

Watching your kid scorpion on a ghetto rental board, then look up at you screaming with blood pissing from their nose will focus your mind on finding them the right setup. All my kids have ridden Burton gear and it comes with my wholehearted endorsement (dear Jake, please send me free stuff).

Finally, helmet (obviously), knee pads and wrist guards are a must. Your kids’ pain is your pain. You don’t want pain.


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