5. The Beat Maker

Some of the worst inventions to have blighted snowboarding

BeatMakerOK, one last Kickstarter campaign, but good news! This one is still active, and possibly the most ingenious on this list. Its kind of like the episode of Family Guy where Peter gets his own orchestral score to his life; if you ever wanted a personalised soundtrack to your riding this is the gadget for you.

By clipping it to your board and connecting your phone, the Jalapeno Beat Maker for action sports will convert your on-slope movements into real time music! Even ‘dropping it like its hot’ when you land off of a kicker.

So if 199USD sounds like a bargain for an epic shred tune every time you go riding, follow the link above, check out the vid and get funding; at the time of writing they only need 45,738 more dollars!

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