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9 Reasons Why You Should Ride Dryslope

9 Reasons Why You Should Ride Dryslope

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2. If you can ride dryslope you can ride anywhere

Mark McClement is another mat rider who's become an all-round tiller. Photo: Stevie McKenna

Dry slope riding is – at least at first – pretty tricky. If you’re on Dendix, you’re on a hard, bristly surface that takes a lot of getting used to, and isn’t fun to fall on. If you’re on the softer Snowflex material, decking it isn’t as big of an issue, but figuring out how to use your edges is.

It’s not just us Brits who’ve benefited from the plastic – Holland’s Cheryl Maas started out on it too.

Master both of them and there’s not a slope in the world, from crud to slick ice, that you won’t have the tools to deal with. Apart from powder, of course, but you should be able to figure that one out pretty quickly…



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