9 Reasons Why You Should Ride Dryslope

1. There's no limit to how good you can get

Jenny JonesBilly MorganJamie NichollsAimee FullerDom Harington: that’s five of the six British Olympic freestylers who owe their success in no small part to the humble dry slope (the only one missing is Ben Kilner, who grew up riding the real mountains in Scotland).

Jamie was a success in Sochi, with skills learned at Halifax. Photo: Ed Blomfield

For Jenny, her first beginner lesson was instrumental in forging a life of shred. Meanwhile Jamie was as much of a fixture at Halifax as the ski lift, and even caught the attention of David Benedek who put him in his movie In Short:

Now there’s the likes of Fin Bremner and Matt McCormick, two rising stars of British freestyle who wouldn’t be where they are today without the Garthdee and Bearsden drymats respectively.