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6. March 2014: The Raging Bull

6. March 2014: The Raging Bull


[part title=”March 2014: The Raging Bull”]

994417_10153724593090131_2090976349_n Morzine - Face

Hey Whitelines,

While in Morzine over Christmas, I rode into the Fornet bowl with my brother and a couple of mates. I went to put in a turn but caught my hand on an avalanche fence. Things went from bad to worse as I got spun off the edge of a drop into the rocks below. The impact split the peak of my helmet, gauged my lens and popped it out of my goggles, and then I took the rest of it straight in the face. Several X-rays of my head, neck and hand later, I got out of hospital with just five stitches and a balloon of a face. All in all a very lucky escape!

– Jonny Smethurst


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