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10 Hilarious Attempts to Invent New "Extreme" Sports

10 Hilarious Attempts to Invent New "Extreme" Sports


Extreme Pogoing: the future of action sports?
Extreme Pogoing: the future of action sports?

Why does everyone feel the need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to “action sports”? From horse boarding and jet surfing to xtreme sledding, YouTube is home to a whole host of wild schemes – probably concocted in someone’s basement at 3am after one too many beers. The promo videos are even worse, made in the sober light of day and subscribing to the WORST extreme sport cliches in existence.

I’m sure some people will point out that in the early days, snowboarding was also seen as a completely wacko idea. “Ban This Killer Craze” screamed a Daily Mail headline in the early 90s. And early pioneers in the states faced a constant barrage of disbelief – who wants to slide sideways on snow?! But seriously, we can’t imagine any of these ever catching on properly. I mean hangboarding? C’mon…

  1. Robin Alexander
  2. Dan

    First of all this video is not a true representation of the sport. It was made by some one who was having a go at it. When they posted it on youtube a week later horseboarding was in 5 national papers on the same day. Websites picked up on it and if got something like 40,000 views in a week. Not a good advert.
    However I assume that you are some what of an action sport guru given your very confident preaching’s which are reminiscing of some self righteous spotty teenager with no clue. As such I would like to invite you to give it a go. 40mph behind a horse on skate trucks is no mean feat.
    Whilst you think about leaving your parents basement and actually taking a breath of fresh air, here are a few statistics you may want to consider.
    The National Horseboarding Championship was viewed by an estimated 212,000 spectators this year. There was £6000 in prize money given out. There were over 750 races run, 18 days of competition , 14 teams and 8 events.
    Horseboarding UK is sponsored by Trampa Mountain boards.
    There are horseboarding teams in England Wales , Scotland , Ireland , Germany, France , Ukraine and Australia.
    Horseboarding and Horsesurfing have received world wide press from Taipei Times to Australia Surf Life, it was part of an advert for sports Blender on MTV America, Ford s-max advert, Daily Planet, SBS Asia and Extreme Sports Channel to name but a few. So either you are truly a reporter ahead of their time, who will stand up against the weight of consensuses or you are wrong.
    Remember no one ever built a statue of a critic. ….. just saying.

  3. Alex

    You know that the running on water video was a viral ad for Hi-Tec water proof shoes right? Hmmmm

  4. Bongo Old Chap

    what a terrible and poorly researched piece of drivel, fun is in the mind of the beholder and not what others think, one of the most negative dross scriblings ive come across in some time, is it a troll? its like reading the daily mail… I really hope that I die before I sound as old as this…

  5. thomas anderson

    Actually I would like to defend snakeboarding. I wouldn’t tell that is’s the best board sport, but neither can you tell that to any other sports, since this is a matter of personal opinion. I know a guy who was one of the few Red Bull sponsored snakeboarders in Europe, and I saw him doing 720-s 540-s and backflips in a skatepark over banks and piramids and it was pretty dope. Besides I tried is once and I almost broke my ankle couse it was so different and difficult. Let’s just not make fun of any sport, if anybody likes them, let them do it! you dont have to!

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