10 Awesome Snowboard Crossover Sports

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, inspiring generations of young athletes

Fist-fighting and brawling permeated every sport, overshadowing any evidence of competition. As the problems mounted, the fans became less and less interested.

To reverse the trend, major sports started interleague play. When that novelty wore off, they tried intersports play.

But no matter how far the major sports went, it wasn’t enough to bring the fans back. The spirit of athletic competition, indeed, was not dead. Its seed merely lay dormant in the dreams of the young.

Some opening lines from the classic movie BASEketball there, which although they don’t relate directly to snowboarding (you couldn’t say our fan base is at all disinterested) may have spawned some intersport antics amongst professional snowboarders.

After trawling through DVDs and web edits (tough life eh?) we’ve come up with some of the greatest snowboard-combined events that have ever been dreamed of.

From tennis to swimming, basketball to golf, brave snowboarding pioneers have been pushing our sport in new directions for years. Witness a few of these gallant innovators and their accomplishments here.