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Win A full set-up & A Holiday in Tignes

Win A full set-up & A Holiday in Tignes


The seemingly never-ending flow of epic prizes continues this month as we offer you the chance to win a full setup with the latest Quiksilver outerwear, and then give you a holiday to Tignes to test it all out. If that doesn’t stoke you out, I don’t know what will.

So here’s the full low-down on exactly what will be winging its way into the hands of our one lucky winner.

• A Ride Antic Snowboard. This awesome all-round stick has a nice easy flex and a directional twin shape, meaning it carves like a dream. Our tester reckoned it’s “A perfect example of a go anywhere, do anything snowboard.”
• A pair of K2 Sonic Bindings. Like the little blue hedgehog of the same name, these bindings are happy at speed, but still have a gentle enough flex to feel forgiving.
• A pair of Thirty-Two Lock Boa boots. These have a boa lacing system so you can get ‘em on and get out the door faster in the mornings. Our testing team reckoned they were “a great mid-flexing boot for those who want to do anything, everywhere on the mountain.”
• A pair of fully sick Smith Fuse Goggles.
• French freestyle maestro Mathieu Crepel’s signature Jacket, Pants and Gloves, all courtesy of Quiksilver. If they’re good enough for TTR World Tour champions like Mathieu, they’re good enough for you.
• A week’s accommodation in Tignes’ legendary snowboard haven the Dragon Lodge. Set-up by two long-serving seasonaires – John and Dan – in 1997, the lodge has recently moved to a bigger, better chalet that includes little luxuries like a log burning fire, DVD players and Playstations. You also get free airport transfers.
• A six day lift pass for Tignes, so you can shred the gnar right from the Grande Motte at 3550-metres all the way down to the park where the First European Winter X-Games is being held. Check out the Recognise column in last month’s mag for a few tips on the best spots to ride.

And what, you might well ask, do you have to do to get your hands on all this gear? Just give us the answer to a question so simple a badly trained monkey could get it. While wearing a paper bag over his head, and having the Macarena blasted into his ears at full volume.


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    Can’t find your entry form!

  2. Graham Hilling

    Fantastic break from the rat race. I need this.

  3. cake

    My Ride fuel ran out of juice 3 seasons ago and I’ve been riding a cereal box ever since!! Dying to get back on it and show the cairngorms what i’ve been holding in reserve all that time! Let it be me…. please x

  4. Bump

    (X-Factor Contestant voice) ..”I need this so badly, my whole family have exploded..”

  5. lee barlow


  6. dave

    ooohhhhhh yessss, gimme please, i’ve had a year bringing up my little’un, i really need a break

  7. shaun

    Wish i was still in my tignes !!

  8. jon

    need it…like a trout needs water

  9. Marky Mark

    That’s what I’m talkin’ abouuuuut!!!!! Dress me up and I’m ready to roll…

  10. stuart

    Powder is what i want please can i have…….please

  11. tommy mountain goat

    i just love being a turtle

  12. Graham Ellis

    Me, me me!

  13. Carlos

    Can almost smell the powder!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Flannel

    I so deserve this. Infact it would be criminal for anyone else to enter the competition. You wouldnt believe the year Ive had.

  15. Lewis Morrison

    Pick me!! Pick me!!

  16. Jilly

    Tignes me up baby…

  17. Timbo

    In the words of Churchill (the dog)… “Oh yes”

  18. rex


  19. Zee Yule

    i am ready to receive…

  20. Earth= at or or about zero potential

    If I win I’ll skate bollocko across the lake…..FACT! Well I might need my goggles if it’s sunny.

  21. Euan Ronald

    Every gift I’d ever want rolled into one! Cheers!

  22. Roollliiiinnnnsss

    Will the flight to Tignes be in a private jet ?

  23. dan172

    Nice! Thanks Whitelines…

  24. JonnyB

    Count me in !!

  25. TheJungleBushy

    damn seven deadly sins… i was just getting over the lust and the coveting…

  26. MrTimm

    OOooh zZING!!! I need a tissue!

    Seriously though…

    …I have a cold and a runny nose. But thats some siick toys right thar.
    Yesh please!

  27. Rikkus

    Hellllllsssss yeahhhhhhh

  28. Chris

    Yowwzzzaaa! Get me outta here…get me piste!

  29. Amanda Curtis

    Mine, Mine……

  30. dan


  31. Kazza

    This would be the only chance I get to board in powder this season. Otherwise dry slopes here I come.

  32. Will Parker

    OOOoooooohh, Dats Perdy.

  33. Bald Avenger

    No job, no car, no girl, no hope.
    But if I win this everything will be just dandy!

  34. matteo


  35. Dan


  36. harry

    if you need to look this answer up you shouldnt be alloud to enter ..,. fact !!

  37. Lindsey Clydesdale

    A lovely break is just what I need.

  38. Sue Bell

    wow, wow, wow,what more can I say??? YES PLEASE

  39. sue

    I need this

  40. sue


  41. Sean

    Gimme,gimme,gimme droool !

  42. Graham Ellis

    Yes please!


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