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Win a pair of Scene snowboard socks every day in December until Christmas

11:17 30th November 2012 by Sam Oetiker

Now you may have heard of Sterling Socks – you know, the rad British sock company started by former Olympic snowboarder Dan Wakeham with Jamie Nicholls, Jenny Jones, Ben Kilner and Aimee Fuller on the team? Well, thanks to a pesky trademarking issue, Sterling were recently forced to change their name to Scene. Here’s a few words from Dan to clear it all up:

“Basically when you set up a company, everything moves really fast but annoyingly there are certain things that are a slow process, in our case, the trade marking of the name Sterling Socks. We had an objection from another company and we didn’t want to drag the process out any longer by objecting. In the mean time, we had already secured the trade mark for Scene Socks. The sock project started when Nicholls, Kilner, Nick Atkins and myself were traveling on the snowboard world tour. We talked about making a company that we could all be involved in. Everyone has sponsorship contracts so we had to make something that we could all endorse but wouldn’t conflict with existing sponsor contracts. So the sock idea was born. The reason that we were able to make this project happen and have such a star filled team was because we were so involved in the snowboard scene. And this is where the name Scene Socks was born.”

So there you have it! Same brand, new name – oh and in the meantime they’ve also snapped up a pretty banging international team to join the British riders with the likes of Danny Kass, Seppe Smits, Janne Lipsanen and Cheryl Maas all on board.

To celebrate this name change we’ve teamed up with Dan and Scene Socks to give away a pair every day in December until Christmas day. To enter all you have to do is like Scene socks on Facebook and we’ll pick a random winner everyday to win a pair. We’ll also be announcing the winners here on Whitelines so check the list at the bottom of this post to see if you’ve won.

Don’t forget to check out the Scene Socks website and to follow them on Twitter.

Scene Socks Winners (if you see your name here and we haven’t been in touch with you yet, email your address to sam@whitelines.com):

1. Samantha Ripley

2. Ashley Marvin

3. Max Thompson

4. Lasse Wiksten

5. Chris Carey

6. Louis Kemp

7. Grant Halliday

8. Vaila Chapman

9. Julien Tollie

10. Eileen Brennan

11. Roxy Durrant

12. Neil Paterson

13. Andy Jenner

14. Olly Marsh

15. Steph Sykes

16. Ollie Hamer

17. Gill McLeod

18. Richard Marler

19. Paul Candlish

20. Tristan Bunn

21. Amanda Lang

22. Paige Furr

23. Adam Kennedy

24. Heather Edey

  1. Bobby dab

    Do the last three days guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Paul Candlish

    Rasta babies pls!!

  3. Bobby dab

    Has the competition stopped? You’re several days behind with announcing sock winners!

  4. Fabien Caillie

    Hey i checked out the website for scene socks and i think you need to come up with some more models of sock. i think there pretty dope, but people today like variety. anyways i thought i would let you know what i thought. maybe it helps or maybe you have already heard the input before. other then the variety of sock, they look great and so does the website.

    And can you please put me in for the scene socks competition? i would like to rock a pair in my park.
    take care,


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