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Can You Cut It? 2013 - Absinthe editing comp returns!

Can You Cut It? 2013 - Absinthe editing comp returns!

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

UPDATE: This competition is now closed and we’re currently reviewing all of your entries. Stay tuned for a shortlist dropping soon!

Our widely popular editing competition is back for another year with fresh footage from the mighty Absinthe Films to get stuck into. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a snowboard film-maker, this is your chance to show the world just what you’ve got. Our Can You Cut It? competition gives you an opportunity to cut and edit footage of the best riders in the world including Nicolas MullerGigi RufBode MerrillEric Jackson and Danny Kass.

Like last year, we’ll be asking Absinthe’s top dog Brusti to take a look at your work and pick his favourites. The winning edit (chosen from Brusti’s shortlist by a public vote) will then be included as an extra on next year’s Absinthe DVD.

UPDATE: Brusti himself has just got in touch to let us know that the prize has just got even sweeter! On top of getting your edit on the Absinthe DVD, the top three edits will also receive the pimpin’ Home watch worth €250 shown below! How’s that for a bit of added incentive?


So not only do you get to work with the world’s best riders, you also get your work seen by one of the world’s best filmmakers, as well as thousands of fellow riders. So what does it all involve?

Absinthe have given us a whole load of raw footage from their latest masterpiece Resonance, so much in fact, that we had a really hard time compressing it down into a reasonable download size to distribute to you guys! We’ve got two resolutions of footage for you to choose from depending on your download speed: a 720p (1GB mp4) file which you can download here (UPDATE: download links have been removed as the comp is now closed) or a 1080p file that has been chopped up into 5 pieces: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 (7.8GB mp4 total). We’d recommend downloading the 1080p footage if your connection can handle it (a higher resolution edit will look better on the DVD if your edit ends up winning), but you won’t be penalised for editing the 720p footage!

We would like you to edit it together into an alternative iTunes teaser for the movie, including sponsor logos, rider names, and anything else you think would get your audience pumped on your intro – as well as the iTunes logo and the sentence “Available on iTunes now” at the end. Upload your entries to Mpora.com before January 31st 2013, making sure to tag them WL-Resonance.

Last year we had some of our best entries to date including the eventual winning edit from Tronic Pro. But remember, this comp is about more than just technical ability: it’s about getting the look and feel of the teaser right – the right song, the right shots, the right pace, the whole lot is important. Regardless of whether you’re a professional editor using multiple Avid suites or a first-time filmmaker on iMovie, it’s worth getting involved. Who knows, you might end up as the next Brusti!

There are a couple more rules that you should be aware of before you get going:
1) Length – your trailer should be no longer than three minutes. That should be more than enough time to create a banging, action-packed edit. You don’t want to give away everything to your audience in a trailer now do you?

2) Soundtracks – feel free to cut your teaser to any tune, but be aware that music rights are expensive, and the better known the song is, the more expensive they will be. In the event of copyright claims, we may have to withdraw your entry. So best to avoid The Beatles or Michael Jackson.

3) iTunes – remember the iTunes logo at the end of your trailer, and remember to tell your audience that Resonance is available on iTunes now.

4) Multiple entries – make as many versions as you like. However, only one entry per person will make the final shortlist, so we’ll pick our favourite out of your various efforts and put that forward for consideration.

5) Errr… that’s pretty much it for rules. Happy editing!

  1. sam

    The top five edits as chosen by Brusti have been announced! Check ’em out and vote for your favourite here: http://whitelines.mpora.com/featured-article/can-you-cut-it-2013-results-vote-for-your-favourite-video.html

  2. Tom Dixon

    Have I missed the results of this competition?

  3. Nathan

    When are results being announced, ive been waiting for ages? :(

    1. sam

      Hey Nathan, sorry it’s taken so long! We narrowed all of the entries down to a top 20 a while back which we have passed on to Brusti who is currently picking his top 5. As soon as we hear back from him we’ll stick the news up on the site!

  4. ben hedges

    I just discovered this competition, it looks so awesome, I know I’m a little past the deadline, but can I still enter if i send upload it this week?

  5. George

    when will results be announced?

    1. NeilWoo

      Last year the public vote was between 4th-18th of May so probably got quite a while to wait

  6. René Groening

    finally!! http://mpora.com/videos/AAddznct8eo5 please dont say its too late…

  7. ChocandCheese

    It is backup again go have a look http://mpora.com/videos/AAddxhm1hfxv

  8. josh


    Heres mine, took a while to render and upload.

  9. René Groening

    I got some problems with my uploading, when is the competition over and I cant send in?

  10. George

    my 2nd edit. errors fixed. phew. fingers


  11. Dan

    Product of one late night…. my entry – enjoy :) http://mpora.com/videos/AAddxrhylh1g

  12. pat

    Here’s my 11th hour entry:


  13. Tom Dixon

    here is my entry. enjoy!

  14. Kyle Predki
  15. jungal1st

    worked all night to get this finished. now 3.30am Will my video submission be accepted? i know the rules say by 31st…. please :)

  16. ChocandCheese
  17. Phil
  18. Pat MacInnes

    “before the 31st January” i.e. 11.59pm tonight? Or can we sneek in an entry tomorrow morning? ;)

  19. Erwan Abdourazakou

    Made with fun. Here’s my entry.


  20. Thomas

    Here’s my entry: http://mpora.com/videos/AAddvuumth8n

    Good luck everyone!

  21. Hollie

    Hey here’s my video! Hope you enjoy :D http://mpora.com/videos/AAddu27jelvy

  22. Maik
  23. StrandFilms
  24. Nathan

    http://mpora.com/videos/AAdbpxcci1sw There is mine, im only a youngster!

  25. Thomas

    Hi, is there a vector of the Resonance logo for us to download? Can’t find it anywhere.


  26. Steven

    I have a mac and it is not letting me download the footage, any suggestions?

    1. sam

      Hey Steven, seems to be working fine for me – should just be able to right click and hit ‘save file as’. The full hd file (split up into 5 parts) are pretty big so will take a considerable amount of time to download if you have a slow internet connection. The 720p footage is a smaller file.

  27. NeilWoo

    Something that I’m sure a few of us have scratched our heads over: when you say “as well as the iTunes logo and the sentence “Available on iTunes now” at the end” the logo pretty much says that anyway so do you really need us to add both? It seems as if we’re saying the same thing twice if we do and quite a lot of us have just stuck with the logo. Muchas gracias

    1. sam

      Just the logo is enough! Thanks for pointing that out, i’ve edited the post.

  28. Peter

    Good luck to everyone entering

  29. Oscar
  30. Ruud Hofman
  31. Alexander Lappin Wiggen

    http://mpora.com/videos/AAdd7z8z5387 This is my entry! :)
    By the way, how are the winners chosen?

  32. Phil

    Is anyone else losing the end of each clip when they watch it in their editing software, for example the whole of Scotty Lago’s seq is just a red screen when I play it? Plus I have no audio on any of it for some reason?

    I’m sure its something I’m doing wrong but just thought I’d check before spending hours trying to fix it!


    1. Stevel

      most of the footage has no audio, only parts of it.
      dunno about your video problems. maybe something is wrong with your settings or your software?

  33. Stevel

    My entry: http://mpora.com/videos/AAdd9ahx2mjy

    I hope you guys like it :)

  34. BCB

    Hey Sam,

    I see all the footage is at 23.98fps. For final output are you looking for 23.98 or would you like 29.97?


    1. sam

      23.98 should be fine if the original footage is only at that framerate.

  35. primc


    Here it is. Good luck!

  36. Bryson Glidewell
  37. Bryson Glidewell

    Where do we submit our entries?

  38. Connor Chapman
    1. sam

      Hey Connor, you can use that if you like but it might look a little weird I reckon seeing as it’s a static image? Feel free though!

  39. Irina

    Can we use footage from the whole video? And can we use non-snowboarding footage that isn’t copyrighted and we have permission to use?

    1. sam

      Hey Irina, feel free to use any of the footage in the downloadable files but please avoid using additional footage as this gives people an unfair advantage over others who don’t have any extra stuff.

  40. br0tella/chloee
  41. NeilWoo

    Done! Finally :D and Merry Christmas WL


  42. Mikey Zbieranowski
  43. Tanishq

    Are we allowed to use panoramics and other time-lapses or do they all have to be from part 5? I want to use some of my own scenery shots if that is ok.

  44. Peter

    Hey, alright will do :P and thanks :D

  45. Peter

    After uploading on here is it fine to upload to our own youtube accounts?

    1. sam

      Hi Peter! Yes, once you’ve uploaded it to Mpora feel free to add it to your Youtube account. Nice edit by the way!

  46. Neil

    Can we ‘edit’ the logos a little bit? The Nike and Laax logos are the only colour ones and they don’t look right imho, do they want them to stand out intentionally or can we turn them B+W like the rest?

    1. sam

      Hey Neil, do what you like with them – as long as they are still recognisable! Looking forward to seeing your edit.

  47. Nathan

    Dw, got it sorted. Check it! http://mpora.com/videos/AAdbpxcci1sw

    1. David

      Remember to add WL-Resonance as a tag people!

    2. David

      P.s. nice video btw

  48. Nathan

    Hi, im 15 years old. Ive been editing for 3 years. is there an age issue? Also i hope there is no discrimination taken on me only being 15. Also id like to know how to upload it and any necessary information?
    P.S Thanks to absinthefilms for providing such great clips, Ive not had footage like this in the 3 years ive been editing!

  49. Adrian

    I downloaded sponsor logos file and I can open only 2 files, is it ok?

    1. whitelinesmag

      You should really include all the logos. You might need to open them in Illustrator, or if you don’t have it then contact sam@whitelines.com and he can give you PNGs…

  50. James Colinson Williamson

    What format/encoder would you like for the upload?


    1. sam

      Hi James, whether you’re editing in 720 or 1080p it would be best to export as an Apple Quicktime or MP4 and make sure you have a bitrate of over 6000Kbit/sec (the higher the better though!)

      Hope that answers your question?

  51. Jon

    Planning on submitting it on the 31st. Cutting it fine… literally


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