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FLUX RK30 10/11 Bindings

Date Added: 27∙Jan∙2013

New Message about FLUX RK30 10/11 Bindings

Selling Details

Location: London, UK

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: bought new bindings

Postage: can send in the post or if you are local can arrange drop off/ pickup

Product Spec:

Brand: Flux`

Size: Large

Colour: Blue

Product description

these are my flux rk30 from 10/11 these are in very good condition, only used on the mountain for a week and a few times in domes. Selling as bought some new bindings last season and haven't used these for a while.
they are large(9.5-13UK)
Have now bought screws!!

Owner Review

this is the review for the CURRENT set of bindings my set is from two seasons ago.

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