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Born from father-brand Quiksilver in 1990, Roxy was originally in the surf wear market until 1997 when they expanded into their first snow wear line. As one, if not the first, company to be dedicated exclusively to female clothing, sales rocketed and they quickly found themselves as the leader of the women in boardsports market.

Fast-forward to 2003  and Roxy had developed their own line of snowboards in collaboration with brother company Mervin Manufacturing. With the hardware expertise of Mervin and a stellar team, Roxy Snowboards quickly became a bestseller in snowboard shops across the globe.

The Roxy team has always been some of the finest talent in snowboarding. Olympian and the first female to attempt double inverts Torah Bright has been on Roxy since her first season as a professional snowboarder. Our very own Aimee Fuller and Katie Ormerod have been repping Roxy since the beginning of their careers as well.

Roxy had some pretty legendary events in their calendar up until a few years ago as well. The Roxy Chicken Jam/The Roxy Snow Pro which were held in Europe and the USA were one of the highlights on the WST and was one of the few events that was female only. Maybe next season with the Olympics done and dusted, it’ll be back on the calendar.


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