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Not many brands have had such an impact on the snowboard industry as Bataleon have had in recent years. A few years ago Norwegian engineer Jorgen Karlson took his idea of Triple Base Technology (TBT) to several major snowboard brands. They laughed and said it would never work.

Fast forward a few years and it’s Jorgen Karlson and the rest of the Bataleon team who are laughing now as Bataleon is a force to be reckoned with. Bataleon boards all feature TBT and have been at the forefront of a snowboarding revolution. If you’re looking for snowboard technology that works, then Bataleon have got your back.

TBT is based around the idea that when you turn you’re board the torsional twist in the nose and tail are fighting against you making it harder to turn. By angling the base of the board, TBT counteract the torsional twist and makes the whole edge more efficient when turning. This gives you great edge hold and a more forgiving ride and addresses the problems other brands have with camber and rockered boards.

Once the TBT boards went into production, Karlson hooked up some pro Norwegian riders and soon enough Bataleon snowboards was born. Now it’s one of the fastest growing snowboard brands in the world.

With a team including Ethan Morgan and Gulli Gudmundsson, it’s clear that TBT actually works, and not only does it work, but it works well enough for some of the best riders on the planet. All boards are built in Austria by Bataleon’s balaclava wearing mascot, Mr B and Bataleon focus on putting the fun into snowboarding. Not only do Bataleon boards ride well but they also look great with simple graphics that stand out from the crowd.


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