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Ashbury Eyewear

Probably one of the fastest growing cult brands in the game, Ashbury Eyewear exploded onto the scene in 2007 after creating some of the most affordable and stylish sunglasses and goggles on the market.

Ashbury has very much so become the choice of the jibbers of the snowboard world, a quick glance over their team gives a big clue into the cult following that Ashbury has gained over its short existence.

Ashbury cemented its place as one of the most creative and forward-thinking outfits in the snowboard industry by owning its own video outfit called Videograss Productions which is headed up by Ashbury head-honcho Lance Hakker back in 2008.

Since then both brands have gone from strength to strength, pushing the limits of both stylish eyewear and mad-crazy jbbing. Mr Hakker seems to have the midas touch.

VG’s new video offering ‘The Last One’s’ will be out in the next few months with parts from Jake OE, Bryan Fox, Jake Kuzyk, Keegan Valaika and Scott Stevens. At the very least we’ll all be able to see the film properly…


Year founded
Founder Name
Lance Hakker, Mike Hakker and Nima Jalali
Based in