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The Arbor Collective

The Arbor Collective

Founded back in 1995, these guys were pushing the eco-friendly lifestyle when Al Gore was still driving a Hummer. Since day one, Arbor Collective have used materials like bamboo, hemp and Donald Trumps toupee to sculpt their products.

With a classic wood grain look on their top sheets, Arbor have always been a big hit with the slightly older rider looking to cruise the piste or send it in the backcountry. However after adding skateboards to their line, Arbor quickly gained a gathering that were keen to ride Arbor both on the stairsets and handrails of California’s Venice Beach and in the parks of nearby Tahoe.

The Collective has also added a quiver of park and jib boards to their range to compliment their woodgrain cruisers. They’ve also built up a team of movers and shakers to take their eco-boards to new levels on rail trickery.

Sticking to their form follows function design process: Arbor seems to be a little like Class A Narcotics in its ability to keep people hooked to its product. To be fair, who wouldn’t like old 50’s styled surfboard designs on their snowboard?


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