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Régis Rolland is the mann hailed as bringing snowboarding to central Europe. An alpine ski racer until the age of 17, he quickly realised that turning quickly in-between gates whilst wearing lycra wasn’t really his thing and quickly became obsessed with the new fad that was snowboarding.

He announced his intention to make a mark of the snowboarding world when in 1983 he produced the first ever European snowboard film promoting Les Arcs, France called ‘Apocalypse Snow’. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must watch. Imagine monoskiers meets French James Bond chase kind of thing and you’ve got an idea of how epic the intro is.

Unfortunately Régis struggled in the 80’s and even into the early 00’s with Rossignol and patents. Undeterred, the newest incarnation of APO seems to be as stronger than ever before with an incredible roster of riders in both skiing and snowboarding.

They snapped up U.S super pro’s Spencer O’Brien and Sage Kotsenberg from Burton and Nitro respectively at the start of last season. Bearing in mind both athletes are on Nike, it shows that APO more than happy to take on the big leagues.

Two UK rippers Rowan Coultas and Tyler Chorlton are also on the team smashing up the Rookie World Tour and filming with the notorious Euro Pirate Productions.


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